Tuesday, 8 November 2011

hilton head - three.

i know, it's sad. three months after we've been back and i'm still working on posts about honeymoon. but life is crazy and i took a month of that to write about being a newlywed, every-single-day. which i think means i'm only two months behind! there. i feel better. i've recently discovered the joy of picnik online - and the multiple photo spreads that are available - hold on to your seats...really this is for us to remember all that we did!

so, while it's hard to believe that it was three months ago, and we were in the heat of our lives (ok, not so much me, i grew up in ontario, i've done disney in august, i knew heat like this...) we're back in hilton head. oh how wonderful it was!

i was super glad to have a classy hat. on this particular day we went to a local church for their sunday service. it was the sunday before school started so they dedicated the teachers and the students, and it was a really neat thing to see! we went for lunch at the salty dog cafe. we understood it was a HHI institution - we now know why. oh. my. word. GOOD! of course, i had the crab cake sandwich. unbelievable. i'm not sure i'll ever get crab cakes that good again - i guess we'll just have to go back!

one of the best nights was when we hopped on our bikes just as the sun was setting and headed to the beach. the water was so warm and it was still humid as anything, but it was so lovely to swim as twilight settled.

dinner that night was at the beach shack - you know i re-visited those fish tacos. so so good. even the second time around!

most of our days can be summed up by this collage: ride to the beach. set up camp. sit.

beach walk = photo shoot.

and while i thought this might be the last - we did do a day in charleston and really that deserves it's own post. so i'll leave you here. i know, the suspense is killing you.

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