Monday, 14 November 2011

monday musings.

to say we're in a bit of a big week is an understatement. if i'm honest, things might be quiet here this week, but for good reason.

  • marvellous arrives tomorrow 
  • i'm getting work squared away for 2.5 weeks off 
  • surgery on thursday for a knee that isn't working the way it should
  • job interview for le boy on thursday (yes that's the same day as surgery) 
  • i'm getting laundry done and the house tidied and meals in the freezer 

it's a lot. but there are so many blessings. 

find printable here.

  • marvellous arrives
  • i'm fortunate to work for an employer with generous sick leave 
  • my surgeon is the best, and this is pretty much the appendectomy of orthopedic surgery
  • le boy has a job interview, in a difficult economy 
  • we've spent the weekend getting caught up on laundry and making food and sorting life here and there
  • i'll spend the next week with two people who love me better than anyone and i'm already grateful for their grace

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