Tuesday, 10 April 2012

favourite things.

a few of my favourite things.

dry shampoo - i know that this isn't new, it's not even new to me, but this brand i've been using the last few months is better than any other i've ever tried. charles worthington balancing act.

make up pallets - i hate, and i mean it, carrying around dozens of bits of makeup. i have a simple makeup routine at the best of times, this pallet has done wonders for my post gym makeup routine (as in it gives me incentive to actually put it on!) and i'm so excited to have a small makeup bag for our trip this week - no need for a baggie of liquids at airport security! jemma kidd bio-minerals essentials kit in rose.

grocery delivery - you read that correctly. we get our groceries delivered. a flat fee for the year and we can order as many times as we want, whenever we want. it's freed up so much of our time. a complete fix for our time-crunched city lives.

navy - it's my new black. and i've based my florida wardrobe around it.

travel scale - we don't have a scale in our house, and more than once we've been burned on our way back from a vacation. i picked up this little gizmo the other day and already it's been useful! plus it's pink.

so there you have it - my completely frivolous, totally ridiculous, current favourites list.


  1. Random question - does the dry shampoo smell like baby powder? I can't seem to find ones that don't!

  2. I love grocery delivery - it takes some of the overwhelmedness out of shopping. We still go to the store often, but at least it is a bag here or there instead of a whole cart's worth. Fun list :)