Friday, 6 April 2012

good friday.

it seems so counterintuitive - to call this day good. this day when the one who saves the world is sent to die. when the one who was all good, dies for us, the sinners. how can any of this be good?

reconciling this dichotomy is the centre of the christian faith.

but because there was no other way, the creator of the universe sent his son, as a baby, to live as a human, to experience the full range of human life, to be loved and tempted and betrayed. to hope and pray and live a life of only one purpose - to save humanity by dying on a cross. 

he did this for me.

he did this for you.

it is astounding and it demands my everything in response. 

and so today is good. it is glorious. but it is dark. and today we sit in this middle place, we wait for our mourning to be turned to dancing. 

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