Thursday, 5 April 2012

on our table.

i've been on a huge baking kick recently. but my hand mixer bit the (flour)dust in february while making le boy's birthday cakes and i've not yet replaced it (plagued by indecision between a stand mixer and a hand mixer - any thoughts are welcome!) so i've been on the look out for baking recipes that can be done without a mixer, i mean, these are recent inventions, but baking's a pretty long-standing experience right?

first up was the yogurt cake featured on the kitchn. so easy. so good. i followed the recipe until i realised at the end that i don't own a spring-form pan (to be remedied asap) but evenly divided between two 8-inch pans seemed to work a treat - the best part? one is wrapped and sitting in my freezer, waiting to be defrosted and put to work at some point in the future. :)

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second (but not in taste) was no mixer chocolate chip cookies or ccc's as marvellous would say. these are dense and chewy (due to the lack of a mixer) they take a bit more effort i suppose, but i don't know that i'll go back to a mixer for cookies...bold statement, i know. i reduced the number of chocolate chips and le boy still declared these to be his favourite ccc's ever - why? the sheer number of chocolate chips - gotta love that guy.

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finally the other night i used a skinny taste recipe for a low-fat red coconut thai curry. ah-maz-ing. unbelievably good. although i was only cooking for us two, i made the entire portion of sauce and froze some, so next time we want thai curry i just defrost, throw in some shrimp and 10 minutes later, i'm the genius of the kitchen, sigh.

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these all were incredibly easy and so so good. enjoy!

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