Tuesday, 3 April 2012


it's april already - three days in even! i've been on an unintentional blogging break, not because there's been nothing going on, but because there's been too much! march was the month of visitors - my parents and my sister in separate visits! and of reading! and cooking - baking to be precise.

march recap:

creative: i've started a cardigan from quince & co - oh how i love quince patterns, so easy read and such fantastic results every. single. time.

spiritual: memorised jeremiah 33:3 & psalm 139:14

mental: read the entire hunger games trilogy, the rules of civility  by amor towles, so so fantastic filled with the glitz and glamour of new york in the thirties, and the tragedy and sadness that can be left in its wake.

physical: i'm up to running 20 minutes, and i'm almost back to my marathon pacing from years ago - so that feels really good! also i've bitten the bullet and gotten a personal trainer - it's time to kick this knee rehab into high gear - and someone who forces me to work way harder than i want to naturally is just what i need, although he may kill me in the process. (grin)

:: intentions for april :: 

creative: wee babes are on the way, creating has begun! finish my cardigan, start on a linen shawl

spiritual: finish off the lenten bible study i've been doing (sporadically). resume my daily bible study. enjoy the spiritual refreshment that comes with time away. start listening to a college-level online course on the old testament.

mental: reading and reading - what else is holiday for?

physical: play some golf while on holiday, bump up the gym time to five times a week.

we're off to florida for the easter break and i just can't wait for the warmth, the bathing suits are packed, the golf shoes are in, the books are waiting patiently for my carry-on and i've already reviewed the in-flight movie selection. (am i the only one who does this? i like to know if there are movies i want to watch or if i need to be prepared with extra entertainment options!)


  1. I've heard a few recommendations for Rules of Civility - this pushes me over the edge! It's officially going on the list.

    Good luck finishing preparations for your trip! I know you'll have such a lovely time.

  2. I love catching up on movies during flights! For me, flying is found time. I also usually have a crochet project, a new book and magazine with me, and journaling or letters to catch up on, just in case.

    Enjoy Florida - golfing sounds fun!

    1. tall girl - starting a crochet project tonight, magazines will be purchased at the airport and books - well they are abounding, i have to limit myself so i don't take too many :)

  3. I know! For flying to Canada I usually overestimate how many entertaining things I will need in my carry-on, and I´m all the worse for flights between London and Europe, as somehow I always seem to forget that I will not be able to read 2 books and 5 magazines, and make a hat, on a two-hour flight to wherever...