Tuesday, 8 March 2011

friday night in.

i've noticed a disturbing trend in my life. in my married friend's lives. we spend friday night in. this is only disturbing because surely friday night is supposed to be 'fun' night. or 'date' night. or some kind of 'special' night. in our world however, friday night is rapidly becoming the night when we cook a good dinner, drink some good wine, have a good conversation and watch some good (hopefully) tv/movie. friday night in seems unglamourous. but really, it's not. really it's fantastic!

our most recent friday night included:
  • pan-seared steak

  • new zealand red wine 

  • after eight mints (le boy's absolute favourite!)
  • knitting (yay for me!) 
  • le boy learning the very important role of 'hank-holder' while i made a centre-pull ball of the newest wool! 

  • spending time with neil caffrey - the lead character in 'white collar'

  • spending time with the le boy. we're in one of those phases when we'd like to see each other all the time...i suppose that might be necessary as we move into married life! 

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