Friday, 25 March 2011

wedding one.

we are so blessed to be in a season of weddings. friends galore are getting married, committing themselves to serving god together and looking to raise faithful families - and it is such a joy to be part of the journey. a week or so ago, one of our dearest wed his perfect helper. we were thrilled to attend - le boy was an usher (and lookin' good in a morning suit). wedding one of 2011...

the lovely ladies

sighting his bride.

it was a wedding filled with emotion and joy, centred on the gospel and resounding in praise for the one who made them for each other. it was pure joy to worship him - who brings all good things in his time.


fuzzy - but look at that train!

flower transportation.

kelley this is for you. i'm to tell you it was dyed to match your dress.

mr & mrs w-p - we pray for many, many years of joy-filled, spirit-led marriage. thanks for letting us share the day with you!


  1. Your photos are pure joy! And what's more they're of a marriage made in Heaven and centered on the Gospel.

  2. A season of weddings. Le boy c’est tres magnifique. And the groom – with the tilt of the head at the sight of his bride. Great pictures all. And that train – really? And your desire for them to have a spirit filled marriage. Awesome.

    God Bless and keep you and yours

  3. Love the pics lady! And thanks for the shout out!! Wasn't Lindsay's dress marvelous? :) You ladies looked great with the fascinators. I'm a bit jealous we don't have that tradition on this side.
    xoxo, Kel