Monday, 14 March 2011

weekend - chapter one.

this weekend held a huge amount of promise and boy did it deliver!

after a week of insane busy-ness, a low-key friday was welcomed. steak and potatoes for dinner (yes twice in a row, that's just how we roll aka there was steak in the freezer and i'm too lazy to think of anything else!) low-key friday was also important because saturday was going to be a SATURDAY of epic proportions. our very good friends were married in a glorious and glory-filled wedding, which deserves its own post and will get one...but suffice it to say there were morning suits, fascinators and it was the height of british-styling. i know, you're excited...

consequently, sunday involved sleeping in, brunching at brew, the best cafe in southwest london, sleeping on the couch and taking in a movie.

we saw the company men

in my opinion, it was poignant and thoughtful and insightful. it's a great discourse on what happens when a person's identity and self-worth and hope are all tied up in their jobs and their salary and what people think about them. a fantastic critique of how business answers first to share-holders and a look at really how close to the edge most people live. the movie was particularly timely for us as we've just started watching a series of sermons on by dave ramsey, and 'total money makeover' came in the mail on friday...

tonight marvellous and the barton boy are in town, and i've got an physio appointment to begin my knee rehab!

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