Thursday, 10 March 2011

bootie baby : take one.

we're in one of those seasons where every other couple we know is either getting married or having babies. it's hard to knit for weddings, but babies? they demand small handknit items. the knitting is quick and really really cute. i'm known to get carried away so i decided a while ago that family members get big, involved baby gifts - everyone else gets booties. babies deserve something handmade - and it's such an excellent opportunity to pray for the expectant family and for the newest little one.


and so i'm making for babies. and i though this would be an excellent opportunity to try a series of bootie patterns available on ravelry. there are, i kid you not, more than 1500 projects available. so i set some parameters: free, one piece, preferably minimal seaming, and can use up scrap yarn. this narrowed the results to about one hundred - then i just decided which ones i thought were cute...


first up was magic slippers. super fast and simple, knit entirely in the round - which means no seaming! they were a treat to knit, with a clear pattern and a great structure. i will most definitely be making these again.

let's hope that baby c like them as much as i do!

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  1. Gosh, these are cute! I've collected fabric and terry cloth to sew up some cute bibs for a baby gift for a good girlfriend. You are so right - babies most definitely deserve a small handmade gift.