Tuesday, 22 March 2011


spring has made its way to london! i could not be happier. i haven't worn my winter coat since last week - i'm a canadian girl at heart you know, and once the temps ease into double digits i pull out the spring wardrobe! that being said, i'm dressed in black today...haha.but it's a spring black?

evidence of spring: 

i ate lunch outside today - listening to a radiolab podcast and reading my newest how-to - organised simplicity...i'm liking it. mainly i'm liking dreaming about setting up a home with le boy.

and a taste of the wedding extravagnza pictures i've got waiting for upload...

me in a facinator:

yes, that's me in my bathroom mirror. the thingy on my head is a fascinator. wikipedia defines them as: a delicate, slightly-to-very frivolous head decoration...i just think they're fascinating! it was a hats and morning suits wedding...yes, we do things like that in england!


  1. Love the fascinator! Aren't they so much fun? I have a small collection of "head decorations" and am looking forward to wearing them often here. It's having an adult dressup box. :)

  2. Pretty flowers, and a darling fascinator! I just love that English tradition of dressing up your head a bit for celebrations :)

  3. Beautiful pics.... still getting snow here in New York USA. But, your pictures give me hope for the Spring Future!!!