Thursday, 7 April 2011

apps i love.

i'm totally in love with my iphone. i like that it's the epicentre of all my technology - my handbag has lightened considerably! recently, i've been using my iphone to 'track' things...

two new favourite apps are

food diary, calorie counter, exercise tracker and water tally - in one handy app. you set your daily activity (because i have a desk job, i am sedentary) and then add in additional excercise - ie: i walk 45 min/ 5 times a week from home to the station and the station to work. exercise that varies (gym work, runs, sunday hike) gets added as and when. you programme in your current weight and your goal weight, and the plan comes up with a reasonable timeframe for the weight loss - i get about 1600 calories a day plus any extra i earn with exercise, if i want to lose a pound a week...inputting food tracks my calories and lets me know how many i've got left for the day. i'll be very upfront and say, i'm not looking to lose a lot of weight, but i am getting married this summer and with my recent knee injury i have been way more sedentary this winter than would be normal. now that i'm allowed back in the gym to rehab, it's time to get serious! and this is really helping me! i'm not going crazy and actually, because it does all the calculating for you, and has such an extensive list of ingredients/products, it's a snatch to do this quickly. there's also a feature where you input all the ingredients you used for a recipe and it calculates the total for meal and per serving!

iXpenseit Lite 

i've decided to get REAL about my finances. i want to know on a daily basis where my money's been going, and how much of my budget is left for the month. the great thing about this app is i can get up categories (think dave ramsey envelopes) and input my expenses as i go. a sandwich bought at lunch, automatically gets taken from the 'food' budget, which is separate from my 'groceries' budget. i'm able to see where my money is going, download reports and really tackle my budget!

both of these apps are available as paid or free. i'm trying each out in the free section to see how it goes - if they prove worthy, i'll pay for the upgrade to the full app with all the bells and whistles. my only caveat is that each take a bit of playing to understand fully and set up - but once you're done, it's super simple to keep it going!


  1. I wonder if they have them for Android, definitely worth checking out.
    I came here from incourage and I like your blog

  2. @morenike - i'm almost sure they do - check it out - they are definitely awesome!