Wednesday, 20 April 2011

cheering stones.

lent 43

luke 19:28-40 & phil 2:5-11

preparing to enter easter is such a dichotomy of emotions. easter is at once the darkest day of our year and the moment of brightest hope.

i've been listening to the communion hymn by stuart townend. it is simply one of the most powerful renderings of the hope of the cross and the remembrance we create when we take part in the eucharist.

as we share in his suffering, we proclaim christ will come again, and we'll join in the feast of heaven, around the table of the king

in luke 19 we read of jesus' entrance into jerusalem, of the shouts for joy and the excitement of his followers. we read of the religious leaders rebuking jesus for the crowd's reaction. and jesus says  - 'if they kept quiet, the stones along the road would burst into cheers!' we are a faith built on a dichotomy - i am broken and stumbling and sinful, but i can never atone for my sins, jesus, the sinless man, is the only one who can make me whole. and when this is clear to us - we cannot help but celebrate the darkest day in history.

it is my prayer that as we enter the darkness of good friday, we not lose sight of the joy that awaits us as we await the resurrection.

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  1. Even the stones will shout! One of my favourites. Thanks for the post, and Happy Easter!