Monday, 11 April 2011


i turned 27 today. sometime around 4:30 am EST. so i guess it was right in the middle of nail appointment that i had made to pamper myself on 'my' day - that was going horribly, badly wrong. and despite my best efforts at not getting annoyed with the therapist who was botching the whole thing, or at the completely offensive and inappropriate music playing or the fact that i was going to LATE for work...i got annoyed. but this is not a post about how i got annoyed.

this is a post about how i got un-annoyed. it started with the never-ending roll of text messages, facebook posts, emails and cards that i've received today. i got un-annoyed when i walked into my office (late!) to find a co-worker had left me a card. when i opened my email and had been remembered by many friends near and far. when i briefly chatted online with marvellous. when i got a slew of texts from my dearest saying how much they loved me. i got unannoyed when i took my coffee break to spend a little time with god - thanking him for my life and the multitude of blessings he has so graciously bestowed upon me. my perspective changed with a little reminder from the word that i am to be known as 'a rebuilder of walls and a restorer of homes' (isaiah 58:12). and that can't be done with a bad attitude.

so today i'm grateful for the sunshine and the enormous number of friends who have loved on me already! and for the great distance i've come in the last twelve months - i thought i'd review the highlights...
  • le boy - we started dating in june, we were engaged in january, we'll be married in august! i hadn't even fathomed that we'd be here - together. but in a way, it all started exactly a year ago, at my birthday drinks when a friend said to us 'i've got a great idea: you two should date!' and i said 'can you imagine? we'd be a nightmare!' - thanks my darling, for taking a chance on that one! 
  • travel: canada : chamonix, france : paris, france : florence, italy : new zealand : hong kong : chamonix, france : canada (this weekend!)
  • living with a.b.barton for the first time as adults - it was one of the best things we've ever done, and goodness i miss her! 
  • getting to spend some serious quality time with my parents - we are so fortunate that despite distance we are able to see each other regularly - they are getting cooler as i get older! 
  • moving (again) but loving my flatmate and so grateful to be nearer to le boy and our friends! 
  • knitting (a lot) 
  • sewing - 26 was the year i really learned to sew...and i'm 'sew' glad i did! 
  • cooking - never enough of this, but i've tried to make at least one new recipe a week and that' been fantastic for my repetoire!
  • PHOTOS - the DSLR is my very favourite toy and i've been so glad to be able to document my life in photographs 
  • blogging - it all started this year, it's been a great way to 'remember' what we've been doing and to record both the special and mundane moments of life
  • reading - i've completed more than a book a month - which i'd really like to up to more than two a month for 27...
  • consistently meeting with god for a little quiet time. i know everyone says that this is essential to spiritual growth - i was really bad at it until more recently, but i have witnessed its fruit in my life...and i'm so grateful for the daily opportunity to meet with my lord!
so what's next?

who knows - but it will probably have something to do with marriage and home-making and knitting and sewing and cooking and photos and growing with god...the best part of this reflection? realising that my 'life list' has had a number completed this year - and it feels good!

i'll recap the birthday extravaganza weekend tomorrow...seeing as there's still the actual day to play out...


  1. I am a new follower of your blog - just wishing you a very happy birthday!

  2. @two: thanks very much - and thanks for following!

  3. Happy belated! What a year you had - here's to a wonderful new start to 27!

  4. @julie - thanks so much - it's been a whirlwind and a blessing!

  5. Happy Birthday lovely! Sounds like you had a glorious (even with a rocky start) day. Love the reflections on the year, a great thing for all of us to do once in awhile.

  6. Happy Birthday...I love reading stories about people's "unannoyed" days! Hope you have a glorious birthday.

    PS. I totally abmire your photography.

  7. Happy Birthday! We have a lot of common interests. Come check out! Have a joyful day.