Tuesday, 5 April 2011


people often ask me where i get the time to knit or sew. or why i go to the trouble? i don't magically have more time - i find it. in snatches: on the train, in the car, on the bus, during lunch. while watching a tv programme, early in the morning. with knitting particularly i find i'm calmer, more settled and i like being a little bit productive and creative in those in-between moments that can otherwise seem like time wasters...

sewing's a little more difficult - it depends more on being in my house and setting up the kitchen table to be my work station, while not making life difficult for my housemate. thus, sewing has been less this year, but hopefully a guest bedroom/study/craft room will solve that problem once le boy and i have our own spot. a couple weeks ago i was left to my own devices when both my roommate and my fiance were away for the weekend - and the sewing machine made it's spring debut! 

when anna maria horner posted this skirt tutorial/pattern some weeks ago, i knew i had to make it!

i used an anna maria voile - it feels buttery smooth and SOOOOOOOO lovely. if i wasn't in the throes of wedding planning and the like i'd probably be making many more...

'flirting the issue' is a full skirt with a wide waist band actually made from a series of thin elastic strips - and the best part is that this skirt is completely customizable - shorter, longer, fuller, sleeker - the options are many!

this might be the only one that is crafted for the 2011 season, but i see more in my future, even if it's next year...


  1. Absolutely adorable! I'm so impressed. I received a sewing machine as a sweet gift months ago and have yet to take it out of the box. This might the push I need to try it out!

  2. @julie - oh do it! it's really so super easy, such a quick 'win' project - you won't be disappointed!

  3. How I miss my mom's house (where there's a sewing machine and room) right now! This skirt is fabulous.

    I share your feelings regarding in-between moments, and your post has motivated me to keep working on my current project (Easter cards) after a slow couple of days.

    In the future I'd love to have a library or a morning room to dedicate to writing, crafts, music, etc. Here's to creative spaces and dream homes.

  4. @tall girl - creative spaces feel like such a luxury in this city - i've got hope for an eventual house in the great white north with ample space for it all...for now, making do is good enough and worth it!