Saturday, 16 April 2011


i arrived in the true north strong and free last night after a long day of work and then travel...i'm not really a fan of days with 24 waking hours.

it's great to be here and so relaxing! i'm pleased to say a wedding dress was found today!!! woohoo! i've renewed my driver's license, we've taste-tested cupcakes for the wedding and we've done a little joe fresh shopping!!!

i brought a couple of projects with me...but i'm currently most excited about my 'plane project.' prior to the new zealand trip i taught myself to crochet. i'm honestly not a huge fan of crochet, it's very 'wristy' but i'd be so annoyed if i had to give up my knitting needles while travelling and every airline AND airport has very different ideas of what makes a 'dangerous object.' but all agree that a crochet hook, is pretty harmless...all i know is granny square, and the only time this ever really gets worked on is while travelling, but it's definitely coming along with each long-haul flight!

looking forward to a week of shopping, a little mother-daughter trip, cooking, baking and SLEEPING!


  1. I love your blanket... it is beautiful!!!!

  2. Something about being in the house I grew up in makes me sleep so well, too! Hope you have a lovely, relaxing visit!

  3. Typically, bamboo knitting needles are considered safe in most airports. I'd avoid the small/tiny metal ones. On the brightside, it forced you to make that lovely blanket!!