Wednesday, 6 April 2011

a masterpiece.

lent 29

ephesians 2:1-10 & numbers 21:4-9

10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. eph.2:10

i forget i'm a masterpiece.

the NIV reads 'we are god's handiwork.' 

perhaps because i spend so much of my time doing handiwork. this concept of being god's handiwork, being his masterpiece speaks deeply to my soul. i think of how much of my time and attention my handiwork commands - that's it's not a burden to work on it, to craft it, to put my stamp on it. and i know the pride i feel when it's completed or when a difficult part is figured out. and i can't help but think that's maybe a taste of how god feels - that because we are his masterpiece, that as we are refined in him, as we go through difficult patches or complete a stage of our learning, that it's prepared us for the 'good things planned for us long ago.'

but this is lent and we are focussing on our journey to easter, so it is essential that we see there's a few words in between being his masterpiece and doing the good...he has created us anew in jesus!

i am masterpiece, despite all i do wreak it. and jesus in his work on the cross, redeems what i do to destroy the lord's handiwork. in that redemption i am re-made again, and again, his masterpiece, and i am then able through him alone, to do what he has planned for me.

i am a masterpiece.

and so are you.


lord, it is so easy to forget that we are your handiwork, that we need the work of jesus on the cross, to be able to do what you have purposed us for. remind us lord, that we are your masterpiece, renew us lord, in your son jesus, and use us lord, for your purposes. amen.


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for this!


  2. @melanie - i'm glad it blessed you!

  3. "i forget i'm a masterpiece."
    Me, too. Thanks for the reminder today. Always needed.

  4. "He has created us anew in Jesus" - amen! And he recreates us as often as we need/ask him to. Wow.

  5. I needed this reminder(: Insightful post!