Saturday, 15 October 2011


on a wing and a prayer

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it's pantry week here. we're hoping to trim a little off the grocery budget and use up some of the stuff that's hanging about, just waiting to be created into something delicious.

i came up with this 'recipe' for soup when i was in university. it's nothing fancy, but with the colder days setting in, i find a deep need for soup. for warmth. bonus: it's cheap. and healthy! 

bacon vegetable soup. 

this soup instantly warms you up, is filled with lots of vegetables and tons of flavour! don't worry about a chopping the veg nicely, this gets whizzed with a blender at the end...


2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup red wine
6-12 rashers of bacon
2 onions, roughly chopped
4 carrots, chopped
4 sticks of celery, chopped
4 potatoes, rough large dice 
3 tins tomatoes 
3 cups chicken stock 
salt and pepper 
cream (for serving, optional)


in a large, heavy bottomed stock pot, heat olive oil over medium heat, add bacon and brown, scraping at bits that get stuck to the bottom. add in onions, carrots and celery, allow to soften (3-4 min). 

add red wine, simmer until at least half the liquid has evaporated. add potatoes, tomatoes and chicken stock. simmer for 40 min, or until liquid has reduced and thickened. (the volume in my pot reduced from 3.5 qts to 3qts).

season to taste. take off heat and allow to cool slightly (10 min). blend until smooth (i use an immersion hand blender). 

serve warm with fresh bread, and if feeling indulgent, a drizzle of cream! 

this recipe is really just a starting point, i often use whatever i have around the kitchen that needs to be used up. 

happy weekend! 


  1. Hello! I've recently been following your blog! My Dad, my Uncle, my cousin, my 90 yr.old Grandparents, my husband and my 4 children loved this soup tonight! I started it up around 5:30 and we ate together at about 7pm at my Grandparents down the street. Everyone had the look of love and family on there faces. My Grandmother asked for seconds. My uncle said "wow, she's got her appetite back." I felt so good feeding my loved ones this yummy soup. Funny you were just emptying your pantry and came up with this. Thanks so much! I'll be doing this one again! Robin Albright IL.

  2. @robin - so glad to hear that your family (extended indeed!) enjoyed this! doesn't it feel amazing to feed our families well?