Sunday, 16 October 2011


on a wing and a prayer

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the weekend's been mainly productive. i did get a little distracted by cooking - the soup from yesterday, chicken stock, delicious fish cakes that i'll post very soon! i hung curtains (more on that later), had a fight with the printer for printing everything with a blue tinge, and made some new pillow cases for our living room.

envelope pillow cases 

really these couldn't be easier, but since every tutorial i found online made these much more complicated than i believe necessary, too much cutting and hemming. i'm sure there's a purpose to all of that, but really, these are for my living room - i'm happy with just having them done at all!

you'll need a length of fabric that's an inch (or so) wider than your pillow and about 2.5 times as long. so my pillow was 15", i needed 16" wide and about 37" long. i had a couple lengths of fabric i picked up in new zealand when we were there last christmas, secretly hoping that one day, le boy and i would have our own place, in need of pillows - and here we are!

start by hemming the short edges, for a neat edge, fold 1/2", press, fold 1/2" over again, press. this contains the edge completely, and reduces the likelihood of fraying. also, as one of these edges will be visible, it's good to get everything tucked away!

now, here is where i fiddled a little bit. i had a semi-repeating, very graphic pattern, and i didn't really want it to match perfectly, so i folded my fabric so that it came 3/4 of the way over the pillow, all the way around the other side, and then the second flap came over by half again. it's nice if there's some overlap as it makes for a neat finish at the back. and remember to sew right sides facing - or your seams will be outside, and not in! (this has happened to me during late night sewing expeditions!)

you can see from my photos that i wasn't terribly fussy, i didn't even pin! i just pressed and then stitched down each side, back stitching wherever the fabric edges were for extra strength.

clip the corners for less bulk when you turn the case right side out.

stuff with a pillow. show your husband and be very excited when he makes a fuss over all the effort you went to. (don't tell him this took less than 30 min!) 

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  1. These are fantastic! That print with the moped is just the cutest.