Monday, 10 October 2011


on a wing and a prayer

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before we started looking for our home - we started praying for it. we feel a responsibility to open our home, to feed our friends, to be welcoming. hospitable. yesterday we celebrated thanksgiving. and there are so many things to be thankful for. but right now. here. i'm thankful for friends. near and far. 

how to be friends as a couple? i touched on this a few days ago, and really it's a bit of a negotiation between us at the moment. we have friends each of us have known for years, friends with new partners, completely new friends, friends who are no longer with us here in london. how do you decide who to be friends with? who to invite to dinner parties? who to invest time with? 

we don't do everything together (gasp!) i spend time with my girlfriends sharing coffee or brunch, a phone catchup or a skype date and le boy does the same (although it's more likely to be sharing a beer with the guys!). he loves cycling and regularly goes out for a ride with a friend or two. i meet the girls for a quick drink after work. we squeeze friends in, and then we also make time for friends. we do stuff with couples and singles alike. our dinner table always has space for one (or more) more - and we try to welcome at least one extra at least once a week. 

to that end we actually have a running list of people we want to invite over. sometimes it's spontaneous - a quick dinner tomorrow night at ours? issued via text late the night beforehand. other times, as is common in a big and busy city, dates are planned weeks, sometimes months ahead. for events like this week, i try to issue proper invites - sometimes even by mail! by keeping ideas of who to invite next we don't leave people out. it means that our table never goes a week without a friendly face next to us and it means our hearts that much fuller for having a few moments with them all. to. ourselves. 

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  1. I love seeing tables all set up for dinners and parties! This looks so warm and festive. Glad you had such a happy Thanksgiving!