Monday, 31 October 2011

thirty-one::newlywed::the end

on a wing and a prayer

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so we've come to the end.

31 posts in 31 days. whew. it was a little stretching at times. and there were times when i kinda, sorta, fake-posted. but. i did learn a whole lot.

first - le boy is incredibly supportive, even with my hair-brained weird schemes like blogging for an entire month. he reads every single post. and we are glad for what we are able to do with this blog - declare jesus. share our lives with people far away. record the details of what makes up a life. together.

second - i respond incredibly well to limits. my parents are wondering where their strong-willed seven-year-old came from, but hey, it's true. and so - here are some new limits:

food friday: hopefully this will keep me making food. making new recipes. enjoying being in the kitchen.

slow sunday: i'm trying to be more intentional about sabbath-keeping. about slowing down. i'll try to reflect that here.

and hopefully i'll be a more regular blogger - but i may not post every. single. day. i might even take tomorrow off.

and so - on with the regularly scheduled programming - there's knitting to share and decorating that's been happening, cooking and thoughts ruminating around my head, and i've got knee surgery coming up in november, so just a few things. hopefully if you've stopped by this month, you'll keep doing so. you're welcome here.

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