Tuesday, 25 October 2011


on a wing and a prayer

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if i'm honest, i cannot take full responsibility for this small tip. but i will gladly share the credit with my husband. currently le boy walks me to and from the train station every day. it's one of the silver linings of our current situation. when we get in the door and turn off the alarm, drop bags and kick off shoes, we wander down the hall. sometimes, i stop at the bedroom and change from work clothes into 'play clothes' (marvellous's word for the clothes that didn't get worn to school or work, it stuck. it's here to stay.) continuing my wander takes me into the dining room and the itty-bitty kitchen. and usually i'm quickly to work starting dinner.

on my best days i pause at the dining room table, the big, thick, oak dining table we're oh so happy to have been left by our landlords, and i light the candles. the thanksgiving centrepiece is slowly being eaten, or melted. and this is my first tip. light candles. we have candles everywhere - the bedroom, the bathroom, the dining room and the lounge. why not the kitchen? it's that itty-bitty. when i light the candles on the table, i take a second to pray for peace in our home.

tip two is where i can't take all the credit. i'd like to, but it wouldn't be neighbourly. le boy and i like to spend this pre-dinner time together, often he'll sit at the table while i'm busy in the kitchen, he sets the table and we chat about our days. and somewhere in there he reaches for the nearest laptop and turns on some music. we've been favouring classical as of late - it's just so calming. tonight i'm hoping we play this.

thanksgiving print found here.

light a candle. play some music. pray for peace in your home. and calm yourself. even the busiest home can be peaceful.

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  1. Love this! My evening ritual is largely the same. Light a big candle in the living room, turn on some music, read, have a glass of wine, make dinner. My work schedule starts early and ends early now, and I love those precious nighttime hours so much!